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Check your home exterior regularly

Our specialists recommend that you should make it a habit to regularly check the exterior of your house. Determine if there are broken windows, doors, locks or areas that could be potentially used by intruders to get in to your home. If you see potential issues, have them repaired immediately.

Have your window and door locks assessed

Have your door and window locks checked by professional locksmiths. This is to ensure that you have top quality and high security locks and that they are installed properly. Moreover, these professionals could also determine if they meet the requirements of your home insurance. Having this assessment would keep your home secured and eligible for insurance.

Test door locks to assess their performance

This doesn’t involve the use of special tools. Start by inserting the key inside the lock and then turning it. Try to do it slowly and watch out for any kind of resistance. If you find it difficult to insert and/or to turn the key, it may be dry. Lubricate it using a specially formulated product. If this doesn’t help, you should have the lock repaired as soon as possible.

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