How to Fix an Ignition Key That Doesn't Turn

How to Fix an Ignition Key That Doesn't Turn

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An ignition car key that doesn’t turn means trouble ahead, and could be expensive trouble if you ignore the initial symptoms of ignition change. When your key is working, the replacement of either the steering lock or tumbler switch is bearable. However, if you wait too long, may not be able to turn it at all. As a result, persons could get stuck somewhere from not being able to start their car and move it.Fortunately,there are simple approaches to the issue when the ignition key won't turn.How to Fix an Ignition Key

Preparation and Checking

The first thing to do before checking is ensuring the parking brake light is on. The purpose for this is toprevent it from rolling away when trying to turn the key. After ensuring that the light is on, apply light pressure on the key. This is done by turning the steering wheel back and forth to find a spot to turn the key.If the selector is not in neutral position or in park, automatic cars will prevent customers from turning the key. So, the selector should be in the right position.

Cleaning and Fixing

If the key doesn’t turn and the selector is in the park position, clean, and lubricate the lock cylinder by spraying small amounts of electrical contact cleaner to flush away any grime and dirt that might be in the cylinder.This is followed by a quick silicone spray or a few drops of graphite. When applying, be careful and avoid dripping the lubricant on carpet or upholstery.You should also prevent fume accumulation by keeping the car open. To prevent fires avoid sparks near the lock cylinder. Once you have enough lubrication, try turning the key again.


If the key doesn’t turn, the tumbler might have been stuck in a locked position. To correct the problem, firmly tap the lock cylinder’s surface using a tack hammer and tap for at least one minute.If the key still refuses to turn, check the key for any problems by placing it on a solid and flat surface. If it appears crooked, strike it using a hard object, but not with steel, metal or a hammer to avoid damage.If the key is in a flat position and still refuses to turn, tap it using a hammer.If unsuccessful, you might need to replace your car key.

If after attempting all of these methods and the keys fail to turn, quality ignition key replacement is necessary from us. Our Car Locksmith Company provides unsurpassed services involving ignition keys and fixes them without damaging the key or the car.

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